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    SP2 creates problems using Kodak (Home )

    After installing SP2 my Kodak EasyShare program version 2.0 wouldn't work so I couldn't download pictures from my Kodak DC4800 digital camera. Kodak said to download and install EasyShare version 4.0. That's fine except it's a 25mg package and on my dial up modem I could never get the whole package. It would hang-up part way through. Finally I called Kodak and they will send (within 10 days) the CD. Just a note to anyone else runnig the same software.

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    Re: SP2 creates problems using Kodak (Home )

    I don't know what that software does, Pat, but if your camera has removable SD memory or whatever, you might want to consider buying a Universal SmartDisk flash media reader. You can get one for in the "vicinity" of $30 and it makes copying pix from the camera to the computer a real breeze. I wouldn't be without mine.

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