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    Retrieving info for new drive (Office & Windows XP)

    Hi everyone,
    I finally bought that new hard drive I have needed for a long time and have been trying to clone my old hard drive since Tuesday! I ran the process 3 times (the last time with the help of a tech) and they admitted that their cloning software that comes with the drive only works 70-80% of the time.
    Last night, I decided to begin from the beginning and do a fresh install on the new drive. So far, so good but I have a ways to go.
    My biggest worry is retrieving my files from Outlook - e-mails, contacts, notes, etc. I did try a suggestion from earlier in the forums: check the file Documents& SettingsusernameLocalSettingsApplicationDataMicros oftOutlook. I was able to follow it until the end: I can't find the Outlook file. It is extremely important I recover this info (should have backed up first!)
    My current setup is the new drive as master and the old drive as slave. I just can't find where this info is stored on the drive and how to move it to the new drive.
    Any suggestions greatly appreciated. <img src=/S/headthrob.gif border=0 alt=headthrob width=15 height=15>

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    Re: Retrieving info for new drive (Office & Window

    In the currently running version of Windows, make sure that hidden files and folders are visible to you, and that you are not hiding file extensions. These settings are on the View tab in Windows Explorer's Tools>Folder Options... dialog.

    Then use Windows Explorer's search feature to find your .PST file(s) on your old drive. If you see an advanced options button or drop down in the search pane, check there to make sure it is searching in hidden folders. I'm sure they're out there somewhere!

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