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    Word 97/XP compatibility - preventing corruption (97/XP)

    Dear members of this board,
    (I'm sorry for digging up such a classic issue, but the information I could find didn't burry my worries)

    I'm working in a group of 15+ Office 97 users. The number of documents we might (but not necessarily have to) share (i.e. sent, changed, sent back, changed again... of just opened & printed) can increase from a hand full to some thousands. Now, I've read about some corruption issues that might rise when Office 97 and XP users exchange documents. We've already had some corrupted documents (Word crashing after opening or printing,...) from other parties, which I tend to relate to that problem. Then, we recently got a new collegue whom has been appointed (...) a Windows & Office XP machine. And I wonder...

    1. With the means I have, hoping to prevent those compatibility problems from happening, I try to avoid an Office upgrade for any user untill the whole group can do the migration (which isn't obvious, although it might happen suddenly by a decision from 'above')... So I'm intended to ask our IT department to give this new collegue an 'old' Windows NT - Office 97 pc. Is this a good attitude, or am I too carefull?

    Meanwhile, anyway, she has to share documents with an Office 97 user. Suppose that, for each document used, she will:
    - "disable features introduced after..." (Save tab of Tools | Options);
    - save documents as a "Word 97-2002 & 6.0/95-RFT"...

    2. Will this be sufficient, or will there still be a considerable corruption risk?

    3. Is there a way to have such settings automatically applied to each document she uses, like through adapting here template (knowing that those shared documents are most often created by other (thus 97) users?

    Thanks in advance for any comments & suggestions,

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    Re: Word 97/XP compatibility - preventing corrupti

    Hi Hasse:
    Take a look at the thread surrounding <post#=383576>post 383576</post#>. You can also search the Lounge in the Word forum for <font color=red>corrupt 97 XP</font color=red> for additional threads, including one started by you in Nov. 2003. <img src=/S/smile.gif border=0 alt=smile width=15 height=15>

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    Re: Word 97/XP compatibility - preventing corrupti

    I can't answer your question, as we have a mixed 2000/XP environment with no 97s remaining.

    > 6.0/95-RFT

    Don't use that format. It has no advantages over Word 97-2002 for your needs, and it has the disadvantage of possibly losing features and having huge file sizes if there are pictures.

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