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    Subtracting two documents (Word 97)


    I have a (large) document that is growing in time and that I have to check for errors at regular time intervals. I don't want to control what has previously been checked. As the new information may be somewhere within different paragraphs, I was wondering if there was a way to subtract the previous version from the updated document, leaving me with the new information only?


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    Re: Subtracting two documents (Word 97)

    Hi Hans:
    Yes. Assuming that tracked changes aren't in the document, you can use Tools/Track Changes.../Compare Documents.
    1. Open the current document.
    2. Choose Compare Documents... from the menu above & navigate to the prior document.

    The current document will be marked with revisions (e.g. red bold or blue strikeout) that you can accept or reject using Tracked Changes (by clicking the TRK on the status bar). While this will usuall work, it is reportedly not as good as Delta View or software made especially for comparing. If you have tables, it may not be as accurate with respect to text within the tables. Make sure that you accept or reject all the changes before you allow further editing to the current document.
    Hope this helps,

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