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    Sorting help (2003)

    A user has a spreadsheet that updates with new vendor information each month. THe way he has the spreadsheet set up, the vendor name is in a row with its corresponding account information in the rows beneath it. There are several vendors. He wants to sort by vendor, but when he does, all the vendor names show at the top and the account information is sorted at the bottom (see attached file for sample). This data is populated into the spreadsheet automatically every month, so he doesn't want to have to copy/move the data each month to get it to sort right (and he doesn't want anything to do with code). I told him that he could copy the vendor name into a "hidden" column and repeat it for each row of corresponding account info and then sort that way. He asked if there is a better way to do this.

    So, I am submitting a sample of the spreadsheet he has and am asking you kind people to take a look and tell me how (without code if possible), we can get this data to sort by vendor name and keep each vendor's associated account information with the right vendor.

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    Re: Sorting help (2003)

    This is similar to what you suggested: You can add this formula in a hidden column in row6:

    and copy it down all the rows.

    Then use this column as the primary sort


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