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    import from file (xp)

    I am trying to import emails from one computer to another. When i choose "export to file" and "import from file" I seem to lose the email attachments. How do I retain the attachments?


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    Re: import from file (xp)

    What are the source and destination files? If both are Outlook Personal Folders files (.PST), simply copy the file from one computer to the other and, on the new computer, use File>Open >Outlook Data File... Then, using the folder list, you can find your messages in the older PST and drag them to the appropriate folders in the newer PST. (Note: if you burn to a CD, when you copy onto the new PC, right-click the file, choose properties, and clear the Read-only checkbox before trying to access the file in Outlook.)

    It may help, before doing this, to right-click your existing PST (sometimes labeled Outlook Today in the folder list, and usually displaying the Outlook Today icon) and give it a new "friendly name" using Properties>Advanced Properties.... This can be something like NewMail or something more useful, but it's usually not very helpful if all the entries in the folder list say "Personal Folders." <img src=/S/grin.gif border=0 alt=grin width=15 height=15>

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