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    MsgBox/Multi Monitors (2000/XP)

    Users of my application use computers with multiple monitors. Usually with my application open on one screen only. When using vbMsgBox's, I need the message box to appear on the screen with Access instead of spanning across the center of the two monitors. I've tried looking at the monitor settings but there is nothing there to change. Is there an easy way to have these messages appear centered in one screen?

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    Re: MsgBox/Multi Monitors (2000/XP)

    That is a function of the video display card and driver that you are using. I had a system with Windows 2000 where it treated the two monitors as a single very wide screen and we couldn't change it to be treated as two separate monitors. As I recall, it used a Matrox dual head card. I now run a similar setup with XP and a Matrox card and it generally behaves fairly well, but dialog boxes and message boxes do sometimes pop up in the other monitor from where Access is running. It seems to have something to do with which screen Access was running in the last time, but haven't spent any energy trying to really nail down the behavior. Hope this helps a bit.

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