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    Outlook send to PST foils Blackberry (11 SP1)

    Hi All,

    Recently my boss got a BlackBerry (BB) and couldn't get any e-mails. Our IT guy told him, it's because he set it to keep incoming items in a PST instead of on the server. He can get e-mails on the BB if he switches back to the default setting on Outlook (keep incoming items on server), but now he has two inboxes, two calendars, etc.

    I think he can keep that setting, and make a rule that automatically moves stuff to the PST folders. Is this a good idea? Is there any other advice for this situation? Basically the requirements are:

    * Be able to get e-mails, appointments, etc. on laptop and BB, AND
    * Have Outlook items automatically go to the PST invisibly


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    Re: Outlook send to PST foils Blackberry (11 SP1)

    I think he has to choose: either keep the stuff he wants to access remotely in a place that the Blackberry server can find it (Exchange) or switch to a desktop push approach to sync the BB with the PST.

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