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    Access 2000 (2000)

    I have two identical databases. One is on my hard drive and the other is on a floppy drive. The records on the floppy drive are new and need to be added to the database on my hard drive. How do I combine the one on the floppy disk into the one on the hard drive so that the database on the hard drive will not be renamed or linked to the other database.

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    Re: Access 2000 (2000)

    First of all, copy the database on the floppy onto your hard disk. Never use a file directly on a floppy. This is asking for problems.
    Once that is done, open your database on the hard drive (the original one) and use File / Get External Data / Link Tables to link the tables from the database that come from the floppy. If the tables have the same names the link name will be the same with a 1 added at the end of it.
    Use now one or more append quer(y)(ies) to add the records from the floppy-database to the other.

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