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    Combining report (Excel 2000)

    I'm using Excel 2000 and created a report for 12 plus users to share over the network (please see attached report). Once I get the total for each user for a given month, I also want to combine all users' total for the department for that month, and a total for the quarter and for the year. I also get error and a lot of temp file created after user saved their work (please see attached report).

    Thanks in advance for your help!


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    Re: Combining report (Excel 2000)

    I am not exactly sure what you are after.

    Some "suggestions" (post back if you need further info):
    I am not a proponent of multiple "identically" formatted sheets

    I would place the info in some type of data table (columns for fields, each date in a separate row)
    You could have a datasheet with ALL the data and another sheet that looks like the "output"

    Thie Output sheet could "grab" info from the datasheet for any particular day (this could be done with formulas)

    You could be used as an input page (though in this case you would need macros for input and output (though a separate formula driven output sheet could be created and macro used to dump info from the form)

    You could also create a separate ("summary page") to extract out the summary info from the data


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