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    Use Word to edit e-mail (2000)

    We are using Office 2000 Professional, Outlook with an exchange server. I have a user who turned on the 'Use Microsoft Word to edit e-mail messages'. She then typed the following and no errors were found or corrected. What's wrong?

    "Kathi, Gwen is correct. Dave have give some thought has rating Progressive Auto in the Office."

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    Re: Use Word to edit e-mail (2000)

    If you mean, why didn't the grammar checker run automatically, is Word set up to do that? Check under Tools>Options...>Spelling and Grammar in Word. I don't use Word as my mail editor, so I don't know whether there might be other checkboxes that need to be ticked to ensure that spell and grammar check runs at Send time.

    You might also check whether typos are being auto-converted to inappropriate words. In the AutoCorrect options dialog, at the bottom, look for an option similar to "automatically use spelling suggestions."

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