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    Customizations Carried Over from 2000 to XP/2003? (2003)

    Hi there!

    We're migrating from 2000 to 2003 in a few weeks and wonder if there's something similar to the Support. dot for 2000 to bring our users customizations (AutoText, AutoCorrect, Shortcut Keys, etc) over to their new desktops ( easily and efficiently.

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    Re: Customizations Carried Over from 2000 to XP/20

    <P ID="edit" class=small>(Edited by jscher2000 on 16-Sep-04 14:56. Whoops.)</P>I recommend checking the Office 2003 Resource Kit. Somewhere in there it says "By default, if a previous version of Office is installed on a user's computer, Windows Installer copies the previous application settings for that version to Office 2003." However, if you are using an imaging technology, you're probably going to wipe those.

    In addition to the tool Microsoft provides, there are enterprise-class migration tools custom-built to handle Windows and Office settings. Take a look at <post#=390988>post 390988</post#> for some product names.

    Added: Actually, I'm not sure any of the above deals with templates. You probably will want to use a VBA solution to copy AutoText, formatted AutoCorrect entries, and macros from (2000) to the new Not sure keyboard shortcuts can be migrated. Hmmm.

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