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    how can i get this formula (office XP)

    hi, attached is a file i get somewhere over the net and much interested in the formulas, perhaps they can improve my research result and a formula like =RegMovAvg($B$4:$B$48,C3) with Ctrl+Shift+Enter since it is an array formula, is it an user defined function (udf)? if it is, others with array formulas are also udf and i won't be able to ge the formulas calculation steps. i did the Evaluate Formula in the Formula Auditing toolbar to check the formulas nested behind and 'step in' isn't available, is this the way to check if i can use the formula in another worksheet? Thanks.

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    Re: how can i get this formula (office XP)

    The functions are probably in the addin file: "TANLY32.XLL" which you downloaded and installed.

    They might not be accessible to you. If you need to look at the formulas you will probably have to write the author of the addin as (most likely) it is protected.


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