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    Complex scripts? (XP)

    Howdy everyone,

    One of my users is having strange font behavior in XP, especially when creating italicized text with subscripts. When I looked at her machine she has a new entry on the "Font" dialog box, one I've never seen before, for "Complex scripts" (see attached screen shot).

    A search for "complex script" here on WOPR lounge shows a few entries but no definitive solutions. I'd like to remove the entry from her font dialog box, as it's making some of her text behave strangely. Does anyone know how to remove it?

    The Word help topic was (what a surprise!) little or no help. It told me to remove extra languages from "Office XP Language Settings". I did, but the entry is still there in the Font dialog. :-(

    Thanks in advance for any help.
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    Re: Complex scripts? (XP)

    This is installed for right-to left languages & some others. See <!mskb=311013>Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 311013<!/mskb> & <!mskb=311014>Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 311014<!/mskb>. If you Google for <font color=red>Word add-in "complex script"</font color=red>, you'll find additional references.
    Hope this helps,

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