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    Find/Remove Duplicate Entries (2000)

    Please see the attached file. We would like a macro which would allow us to be able to identify and remove any duplicate records (based on names in column A, "Nodes") It would, preferably, remove those duplicates that appear in lower case, as opposed to the upper case norm.

    We have already used a COUNTIF formula and copied that down throughout the list in a second column (see file). We then use AutoFilter to identify the dupes, but this is cumbersome. We would like a more automated way to eliminate the duplicates.

    I appreciate any help that anyone can offer!

    S. Thomas

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    Re: Find/Remove Duplicate Entries (2000)

    You don't need a macro:

    You can use data - filter - advanced filter to filter for unique records and then copy them elsewhere (however all your records are unique)

    If you just want to remove duplicate names, you can parse your data first (select the column, data text to columns, delimited, <next>, check comma<finish>

    Now you can insert a new column A (select B1, insert column) and enter the formula in A2:
    and autofill down the rows.
    Now select column A and edit copy - edit paste special values to convert to numbers.
    Data - filter - autofilter
    select the pulldown in A and choose true, highlight these cells and delete.

    You have removed the dupe names (and kept only the first one).

    Note, your example has no duplicate nodenames

    You can automate it, by recording the macro if desired, but I leave that as an exercise.


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