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    Re: Quarter Query (Ms Offics 2000)

    In the design view of the query, open the property window.
    In the property Column Headings, enter 10,11,12

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    Quarter Query (Ms Offics 2000)

    I'm making a bar chart based on quarters in the year. When I run my query if there isn't any data in my search column for the month due, the query doesn't return anything for that month.
    Example: if I query for the last quarter of the year and theres nothing for dec. I get 10 and 11. I need 12 also to show for my bar chart....being 0

    TRANSFORM Count(Quarter4_Sort_Report.CountOfQuarter) AS CountOfCountOfQuarter
    SELECT Quarter4_Sort_Report.GM_Owner, Quarter4_Sort_Report.Next_Due_Date, Count(Quarter4_Sort_Report.CountOfQuarter) AS [Total Of CountOfQuarter]
    FROM Quarter4_Sort_Report
    WHERE (((Quarter4_Sort_Report.GM_Owner) Like "*VQ*"))
    GROUP BY Quarter4_Sort_Report.GM_Owner, Quarter4_Sort_Report.Next_Due_Date
    ORDER BY Quarter4_Sort_Report.Next_Due_Date
    PIVOT Quarter4_Sort_Report.Expr1;

    Thanks that worked great!!
    Do you know of away I can store that data and then run that or another query to show a decline in the bar chart.
    That way my barchart would show the begging quarter totals and then a week later they would be less because they were completed.

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