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    How to anchor Comment Bubble


    The screen-shot shows how the comment bubble is cut-off the right part of the Excel worksheet.

    I've tried to Edit the Comment & move it to the left.
    Then when I click back in the sheet, it jumps to the Right again.

    How can one ANCHOR the comment bubble in a preferred location?



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    Re: How to anchor Comment Bubble

    I can not replicate the problem (though I use xl97, not xl2003)

    If i insert a comment in a cell
    Show the comment
    Move the comment to a position
    Now I can change sheets, change workbooks, close the file, whatever

    When I go back the the sheet the comments are displayed where I put them.

    You didn't indicate this, but I will speculate:
    As far as I know, the placement of the column is only for "shown" comments (then it is a "visible shape"), not "hidden comments" If after you set the size while the comment is shown, and then "hide the comment" the placement is not stored and when you go to the cell the "popup comment" is relative to the cell. The location you set is for the comment "shape", not the comment "popup", to see the "popup comments" you will have to move the window further to the left.


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