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    WinXP SP2 + Shared Folders = Problem?

    For those of you relying on the WinXP SP2 inbuilt firewall in default configuration, make sure you have read this article. Briefly, due an accumulation of bugs, shared folders can be visible through the firewall. This also applies to XP Pro. Reconfigure your firewall as suggested at the end of the article. Otherwise, someone may be trying to hack their way through your passwords.

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    Re: WinXP SP2 + Shared Folders = Problem?

    For those relying on WinXP SP2's Windows Firewall (or SP1's Internet Connection Firewall), DON'T! Microsoft's ICF (Internet Connection Firewall) and Windows Firewall (ICF renamed in XP SP2) are woefully inadequate and should be replaced immediately. They only block unauthorized incoming access attempts. ZoneAlarm and Sygate block unauthorized incoming and outgoing access thus preventing Trojans, keyloggers and other spyware from "phoning home" with your personal information. Do not use more than one software based firewall. Even Microsoft recommends you disable the Windows' versions once you install another firewall.

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