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    Hyperlinking to a table


    My Excel file has many tables, one under the other.
    I've made like a Contents Page at the top where you can click to goto a particular table.

    Problem is, document is changed, so tables get moved up or down.
    So the hyperlinks must be manually updated each time.

    I remember solving this problem in Word by inserting Bookmarks & then linking to them. Also in Word, you can link to a specified Heading.

    Can I do a similar thing in Excel

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    Re: Hyperlinking to a table

    The equivalent in Excel is to use range names.
    Goto the table that you want to jump to and select "Insert>Name>Define" to create the range name. In the contents page, when you create the hyperlink and specify "a place in the document" you can then choose one of the defined names from the list.

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