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    Putting blank lines in INI files -- how?

    Here's one that probably shouldn't bother me -- but does.

    When VBA writes a new section to an INI file, it doesn't put a blank line between the first line of the new section and the last line of the previous section, as WordBasic used to. That doesn't affect the performance of a program, of course, but it does make it a lot easier to make mistakes when editing the INI file.

    Is there any way to force VBA insert a blank line into the file before it creates a new section?

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    Re: Putting blank lines in INI files -- how?

    What method are you using in VBA to write to the INI files ?.

    I find that in Word, using PrivateProfileString inserts a blank line before a new section. Also in Excel, where I have used API functions (presumably the same ones that Word calls upon), the same result.

    Andrew C

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