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    Program for room utilization (XP/2K)

    I would like to write a program for the use of rooms by day and time in the university I teach in. The goal is a shared database that will show a crosstab and/or chart of the use of rooms. There is a general schedule, and special events. Is Access the way to go (just because I know it), is there a better option, and does anyone have any leads on a template for something like this?

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    Re: Program for room utilization (XP/2K)

    Another possibility you might consider is the use of Outlook - it has the ability to declare a resource such as conference room or classroom, and "appointments" could just as well be seminars, class sessions or whatever. It also has the ability to schedule multiple sessions. To replicate that capability in Access is not a trivial task. You would probably want to start with some sort of ActiveX control to handle scheduling - we've just completed a scheduling application using DBI Technologies ctMDay control, which seems to work fairly well, but that was necessitated by some records retention requirements that Outlook couldn't easily fulfill.

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