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    Can't open project

    Some students were making a powerpoint slideshow for graduation. One day they came to school and they could not longer open it. It gave the following error message 'Powerpoint can't open the type of file required by slideshow'.

    The file has a '.ppt' extension. I thought maybe someone had opened it with Powerpoint 2000 (the other computers have 97), but it won't open with Powerpoint 2000 either. Any ideas as to what they might have done?

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    Re: Can't open project

    Could you be the recipient of a practical 'joke'?
    Maybe someone has renamed something else - a word file, say - to be the presentation.ppt name.
    Try doing a Search/Find to see if the original file is still there under some other name. Look for any file (leave the file/folders ID field blank) containing some text which exists in the presentation. (Make sure the text is reasonably unique or the file list could be very long!)
    Hope you find it.

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