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    security patch applies sp3 (Office XP SP2)

    I downloaded and installed the latest security patch from microsoft MS04-028 to my administrative installation of office. Big mistake. It applied SP 3 without saying that it was doing so. The documentation on this was VERY vague: "Office XP Service Pack 3 (SP3) must be installed. Before you install this update, install Office XP SP3. For additional information about how to install Office XP SP3, see Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 832671. The administrative update can also be installed on systems that are running Office XP Service Pack 2 or Office XP Service Pack 3. The security update for Office XP Service Pack 2 is only provided as part of the Office XP administrative security update."
    From the last sentence, I assumed that there was a version that you could install to an SP 2 admin install. I then clicked on a link that said Microsoft Office XP SP2 - download administrative update.
    Luckily I was able to restore from backup. Has anyone else run into anything like this? Does anyone know if there really is a version you can apply to SP2 without upgrading to SP3?

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    Re: security patch applies sp3 (Office XP SP2)


    Reading through the knowledge base articles and security bulletin it appears the only way to get the security update is to install SP3.

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