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    Word 97 - File Open Box

    One of our user's is having a problem with Word 97 when she uses the File Open Dialogue Box. It is not displaying the correct file size and date/time stamp against each file displayed. Files display fine in other applications or explorer.

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    Re: Word 97 - File Open Box


    There's some buttons on the File Open dialog box which allow you to change the apprearance of the file list. There's a group of 4 buttons on the top right which have the hints "List, Details, Properties, Preview". Click on the "Details" button.
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    Re: Word 97 - File Open Box

    The "detail" view was selected and the columns displaying the size and modified date visible. However, the information in those columns was not displaying correctly ie. rather than date and time modified it was just showing a number. When you click on the item, it displayed today's date but as soon as you clicked on the scroll bar or somewhere else it reverted to the strange number!!

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