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    Danger renaming UserForms (Word 2002 SP-2)

    I triggered an ugly error yesterday in Word (Microsoft's error message used the phrase "catastrophic failure") that resulted in a corrupted template. It happened while I was trying to rename a UserForm, and a bit of Googling has led me to conclude this was not exactly an isolated incident.

    Based on my experience, I'd advise a cautious approach whenever you're renaming a UserForm (e.g., closing all documents other than the relevant template and making a backup copy of the template), but it appears that the most likely scenario for disaster is if you're trying to rename a UserForm to a name that another UserForm just had. Suppose you have a UserForm called MyForm and you decide you want to substantially revamp it but you're not entirely sure the new version will work. So you make a copy of MyForm called MyForm2 and use MyForm2 as the "new version." After you decide you're happy with the new version, you're likely to (1) first change the name of MyForm (to, say, MyForm_Old), and then (2) change the name of MyForm2 to MyForm.

    In the just-described scenario, I'd advise, at a minimum, exiting and restarting Word between steps (1) and (2). Exporting and removing the original MyForm (rather than renaming it) -- and also exiting and restarting Word -- between steps (1) and (2) might be an even better approach. (In the latter case, if you want to import the old version back into the template, note that it's not enough to simply rename the .frm and .frx files in Explorer; you also have to open the .frm file in a text editor and change a handful of name references from the old name to the new name.)

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    Re: Danger renaming UserForms (Word 2002 SP-2)

    There is a chance this is related to having the form still in memory (loaded) whilst attempting to change its name. Restarting Word will unload it of course.
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