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Thread: Query (2002)

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    Query (2002)

    When running a select query that is going out and running a function in another table and bringing back a value of done when it is seems as though it is always active. When the query is ran and then the values are on the screen, if the cursor is pointing at any of the records if seems as though the query is re-querying. Also, when the screem is minimized and brought back up it seems as though the query reruns. Can anyone explain this to me..this is a Select query. When we make this query a make table query, we do not see this happening. After it populates the table it seems to be complete.
    Thanks for any help with understanding this that you could give me!!!

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    Re: Query (2002)

    An action query, such as a make table query or update query performs an action, then is finished.

    A select query, on the other hand, is dynamic. If it contains calculated columns, it must perform the calculations to display the values. For efficiency reasons, Access starts by performing the calculations for the visible records only - after all, you might close the query without ever looking at the rest of the records. As you scroll through the records, the calculations are updated. All this is never necessary in an action query.

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