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    Word -> MSAccess

    I'm trying to figure out a way I can export sheets of addresses that have been scanned into Word and put them into an access table: Name, address etc.
    The addresses are in three columns like mailing labels but they need to be converted somehow in fields for export.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Word -> MSAccess

    Hi Frank,

    Two methods you can use:

    1) If you have Excel this is the easiest:
    - Copy/Paste the table onto an Excel worksheet
    - Open your Access database (create a new one if needed)
    - Select the cells in Excel and copy them
    - Switch to the Access database, display the Tables object list and click the Paste command
    - You should recieve a message along the lines of "Does the first row contain column headings" answer "Yes" and your Access table is created
    - Right-click the table and select "Rename" and change the name of the table

    If you know how to drag and drop via the Windows Taskbar, the above is even easier:
    - Select the Word table
    - Drag/Drop it in Excel
    - Drag/Drop it onto the Tables object list in Access

    2) If you don't have Excel (still pretty easy, it just involves more steps):
    - Select the Word table and go to Table/Convert Table to Text
    - Use the Separate the Text using Tabs option
    - Go to File/Save As and change the Save as Type to "Text only"
    - Close the file in Word
    - Open your Access database (create a new one if needed)
    - Right-click an empty area of the Tables Object list and select Import
    - Change the Files of Type to Text Files
    - Select your file and work through the Import Text Wizard

    Note that once you have your table in Access, you need to go to the Table design and review the data types and field sizes assigned and make the necessary changes.

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    Re: Word -> MSAccess

    Hi Frank,

    Whoops! I just realized that my previous post was not what you were looking for. However it can be used to import the data once the following steps are complete:

    You can convert your mailing labels into the proper format, but it's not an easy task to undertake. This process will involve several Find/Replace steps. What you are striving for is tabs that separate each field and a paragraph mark that separates each record.

    The following should get you pretty close, however since I don't know the exact layout of your mailing labels you may need to add/remove some steps in Find/Replace:

    - Delete any empty columns (e.g. the small "gutter" columns in between)
    - Delete any empty rows
    - Select Table and go to Table/Convert Table to Text. Use Tab separation
    -Use Find/Replace (<F5>) and Replace All for the following:

    All tabs and replace with two paragraph marks
    Find: ^t
    Replace: ^p^p

    Review the list and addremove any extra paragraph marks if necessary. You want the following setup:


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