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    Quick Launch Shortcut Order

    I have 2 problems that I think are related:

    The order of the shortcuts on my QuickLaunch Toolbar reverts to some odd Windows generated order.
    No matter how I rearrange the display reverts to the Windows generated order after a reboot.
    I am Administrator on this computer, so that's not the issue.
    I had this problem 6 - 8 months ago and found a Registry fix for it, but I can't find the documentation.

    The size of my Control Panel window reverts to some odd Windows generated size.
    The windows isn't large enough to show all of the CP icons, so it comes up with scroll bars.
    No matter how I resize, or rearrange, the display reverts after a close & reopen.

    These sure seem like they're related . . .

    Anyone have any ideas?

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    Re: Quick Launch Shortcut Order

    If you are running win2k or XP, Can you navigate to the folder, located at
    Cocuments and Settings%username%Application DataMicrosoftInternet ExplorerQuick Launch
    and rearrange them there. This is the folder where the shortcuts are stored. you might also want to check the permissions on the folder, to make sure that you have write access to it. if not then the settings might only be changed in memory.

    The control panel window in win2k and XP is just a different view of the Explorer window. the setting for it will control how the windows remembers it's size.
    open Explorer, then click on tools -> folder options -> View. check to see if "remember each folders view settings" is enabled. if not enable it then re-size the control panel window and then close it. try reopening it.

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