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    Track Changes (97-2003)

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    Are there any keyboard shortcuts for navigating between changes when you have tack changes engaged?

    Something that would allow you to skip to the next change, or back to the previouse one, maybe a simple disregard changes, or accept changes stuff like that that can be done via the keyboard for expediancy.

    Thanks a lot.

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    Re: Track Changes (97-2003)

    There are no built-in shortcuts for these, but you can create them yourself:
    - Select Tools | Customize...
    - Click Keyboard...
    - Make sure that the changes will be stored in, so that they will be available in all documents.
    - Select 'All Commands' in the list of categories.
    - Select ToolsRevisionMarksAccept in the list of commands.
    - Click in the 'Press new shortcut key' box.
    - Press the shortcut key combination you want to assign.
    - Click Assign.
    - Repeat (if desired) for ToolsRevisionMarksNext, ToolsRevisionMarksPrev and ToolsRevisionMarksReject.
    - Click Close (twice)

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    Re: Track Changes (97-2003)

    There are a couple of things that you can do:

    1. If you have the Accept or Reject dialog box open, then Alt+F will select the next change & Alt+i will find the previous change. Alt+A accepts the change & Alt+R rejects the change. Alt+C accepts all changes & Alt+J rejects all.

    2. If you want to find changes that have been added (not deleted), you can open the Find dialog box & press Ctrl+N in the Find box. You'll see the format "New" appear & you can search for "new" text (meaning added) by pressing Alt+F with the dialog box open or Shift+F4 after you close it.

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