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    Word--TOA--short citations (Word XP/2002)

    Is there a way to use Word's built-in Table of Authorities (TOA) to mark more than 1 different short citation for a case?

    Let me explain further for clarification.

    I have a user whose attorney(s) ask her to create a Table of Authorities for John Brown v. Henderson throughout a legal document. In Word's Long Citation box, we put the long citation info [John Brown v. Henderson, etc..... (1967)]
    In the Short Citation box, we put John Brown v. Henderson.

    We can do a Mark and Mark All to mark all of those throughout the document.

    However, we ALSO want to tell Word to look for OTHER short citation variations for that same case (such as Brown v. Henderson and/or other variations).

    Is there a way to do this in Word XP?

    If it involves adding/editing field codes, could anyone who has tried it give me details on how to add them into the marked entries for the document?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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    Re: Word--TOA--short citations (Word XP/2002)

    I don't know if Word 2002 is different in this aspect from Word 2000. In 2K, you can only have one short citation form, that I'm aware of. Of course, using "Brown v. Henderson" should pick up both itself & "John Brown v. Henderson". Of course, it will also pick up "Mary Brown v. Henderson" & "Joe Brown v. Henderson Inc."

    You can use a minimal option for the short citation "Brown v. Henderson" & then, using the mark citation dialog box, visit each citation & decide whether to mark it or not.

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