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    Deleting a macro (Office 2003)

    I created a macro in an Excel doc. I decided to get rid of it and deleted the macro. Since then, every time I open this doc I get the macro security warning me of an existing macro and asking if I want to active it or not. How can I convince Excel that there is no macro left in the doc.


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    Re: Deleting a macro (Office 2003)

    The workbook probably still has the module that contained the macro.
    - Activate the Visual Basic Editor (Alt+F11)
    - Activate the Project Explorer (Ctrl+R)
    - If necessary, expand your workbook until you see Modules.
    - Expand Modules.
    - If there are items under modules, such as Module1 or NewMacros, right-click them and select Delete.
    - You'll be prompted if you want to export the module before deleting it. Click No.
    - Repeat until no modules are left.
    - Switch back to Excel.
    - Close and save the workbook.

    Note: if your workbook contains controls from the Control Toolbox, you'll get the macro warning even if there are no macros or modules left in the workbook.

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