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    remote access with firewall (XP SR2)

    I connect from my home computer (XP Professional) to my office server (Windows 2000) by first searching for the servers IP address using the windows search function. When this has found the server in the past, the IP address is listed and under the folder name is says "unknown". When I double click on the listed IP it prompts me for the user name and password. After that, it list the folders I need access to.
    I recently installed a firewall software from VCom, net defense. When this is running and I do the same procedure, it does find the server via the IP, but under folder name it says "Web client server". The problem is that when I double click, it pauses for a while and then returns a blank screen. no prompting for a password, nor do I have access to the folders.
    somehow the firewall is preventing me accessing my remote server. How can I correct this without disabling the firewall each time I need to correct?

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    Re: remote access with firewall (XP SR2)

    Most firewalls have a 'control panel' that will allow you to specify an application or port to allow through the firewall. Isn;t there an icon for VCOM in the system notification area?


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