I have just setup an additional Exchange 5.5 SR2 server for our company but am having great difficulty joining to existing site. Setup fails with message about connection could not be made to the remote directory service. I have gone through all the steps in Microsoft Q159485 troubleshooting whitepaper i.e. using ping, tracert, checking account logins, install exchange admin & connect & have come to last possible cause "there is probably a very unusual network problem involved".
I have used network monitor & discovered that old server does not want to send any ethernet or IP framespackets to new server so it must be A TCPIP problem. I do not have enough TCPIP knowledge to figure out where to look. Has anybody got any ideas what could be problem?
FYI old server is Gateway PII233 PDC & new server is Compaq PIII866 BDC and both are NT4 SP5.

Russell from downunder