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    Continous Forms (2000/XP)

    I am using a continuous form to display all 20 records in a table. Each record has an attribute that is a Yes/No checkbox. Upon opening the form and changing a Yes/No of a record, I would like to change the label of the object to a different back color. I can get it to change all the labels but that is not the functionality I am looking for. Only the records with option as Yes should be highlighted.

    As always...any help would be appreciated...


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    Re: Continous Forms (2000/XP)

    <!profile=SteveH>SteveH<!/profile> has posted a demo in <post#=264010>post 264010</post#> that shows how to change the background color in a continuous form depending on a condition. I posted a database demonstrating various techniques for coloring in continuous forms in <post#=382292>post 382292</post#>.

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