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    'Read-only' error (Office 2K, XP Home)

    Hi all -

    I had a computer crash last week and I'm trying to recover data. One key file is an Excel spreadsheet. I pulled the file off the hard drive and onto a Win2K computer before I had to wipe the disk. The file that I copied off now gives me this error:

    "[file name] cannot be accessed. The file may be read-only, or you may be trying to access a read-only location. Or, the server the document is stored on may be not be responding."

    I'm opening the file on a local disk. I've checked the file properties, and the file is not read-only. I get this error if I open the file on the Win 2K machine where I copied it, or on the XP machine where I need to use it.

    Any suggestions? Thanks,
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    Re: 'Read-only' error (Office 2K, XP Home)

    <!profile=Pieterse>Pieterse<!/profile> has some tips on retrieving data from a corrupt workbook on his website: Corrupt Files.

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