We use 2 custom forms to view our contacts and after some modifications to my computer sometimes the contacts open wiht the right form, sometimes I get a message saying that the form cannot be found and the contact will be opened with the default form. How do I get the 2 forms to be available for all of our contacts?
The background:
We are a small construction company, with a 5 station NT network. We use Outlook for our contact information and e-mailing. We use 2 custom forms for viewing our contacts, one for clients, one for suppliers. I recently had a student who had been working at our company "tweak" my computer. We believe that we have save all of the data and settings on my workstation. He then reformatted the drive, re-installed Windows XP and then we re-installed Office 2000. He did partition my drive into a Drive C: for programs and a Drive D: for data. Office was installed on Drive C: The forms are saved (I think!, they are saved somewhere!) in a public folder on the server. Any ideas? Have I even explained the problem clearly enough?!