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    How to downoad MSDN Webcasts

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    I don't know which is the right forum to ask this or if this is even appropriate for Woody's lounge but I am posting this here because past experiences has shown the resources here to be the best.

    Microsoft's MSDN site provides numerous on-line training sessions called Webcasts. These things are often full of useful information and best of all they are free! The problem I have is that you have only 2 choices with seeing a Webcast.

    1) Attend it live when it is first broadcast

    2) Play it back at a later date if the event has already occurred.

    Option 1 is nice if you can set aside 1 to 2 hours in the middle of the workday. The problem for me with #2 is that there is no way that I can find to just download the thing as some sort of media file and then play it back at your leisure. The best I have been able to do is playback a past event and then use a recording tool like WebEx to record my desktops activity and the microphone picks up the sound from the speaker. Not a very professional file in the end but useable. I am looking for some way to more easily automate this process because doing this requires me to tie up a system for the entire time the webcast is playing and it has to be in a quite area else the microphone will pick up the extra sounds that are not part pf the Webcast.

    I searched Google and found 1 post that contained the syntax for a VBS file that is suppose to enable you to automagically download one of these Webcasts. I tried it but get a run-time error before the thing starts the download.

    Does anyone know of a way to download these Webcasts from MSDN using a cleaner/better method then what I have listed above where I use WebEx?

    The webcasts site is:


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    Re: How to downoad MSDN Webcasts

    Googling turned up this interesting sounding product: WM Recorder. It cannot record video streams protected by DRM technology. You could use the trial version (only records 2 minutes) to test whether it will work with MSDN. In any event, the stream still will be recorded in real time, but you probably could turn off the sound. Let us know if you find this software useful.

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