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    HP Director (Home/SP2)

    I have a new HP Pavillion a620n with a hp scanjet 3970 connected. When the 3970 was first connected, the hp Editor appeared on the desktop and everything worked fine. Somewhere along the line, I apparently did something stupid and lost hp editor. I found it in the trash. I now have the icon back, but when I click on it on the desktop, nothing happens. When I click on it under "Start-All Programs, the screen momentarily goes black, then comes back up with text and icons extremely large and fuzzy. No error message, but can't go anywhere from there. I have already uninstalled the scanner, disconnected it and reinstalled with negative results. Any suggestions?

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    Re: HP Director (Home/SP2)

    Right click on the icon and choose Properties. What's the Target on the Shortcut tab and the Location on the General tab ?? See if you can find them in Windows Explorer and execute the program from there. If you find the .exe file for the program, then delete the shortcut on your desktop and create a new one by right-clicking on the programs .exe file and choosing Send To > Desktop > Create New Shortcut. HTH
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