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    Access Run Time Error (access 2002 sp-3/access 2000 sp-3)

    I have an application that works fine on my computer (XP SP-1) but I have a client that consistently gets the following error: "Execution of this application has stopped due to a run-time error This application can't continue." I can't duplicate the error. I have used the client's data (its in a linked database) and rewritten the part of the application that has the problem. All to no avail. However, what I did find out is that they have a slightly different list of Reference Libraries. Whereas I have Microsoft Access 10.0 Object Library while the client has a version 9.0 Library ( msacc9.olb) - the rest match. Would this make a difference and cause this error? I am at wit's end. The client is having the problem with both XP and W2K. This is a regular Access program - not a Run Time program.


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    Re: Access Run Time Error (access 2002 sp-3/access 2000 sp-3)

    Your client has Access 2000, while you have Access 2002 (XP). The object libvraries reflect this - 10.0 = Access 2002 and 9.0 = Access 2000. That shouldn't be a problem in itself. I assume that your database is in Access 2000 format, otherwise the client would get a message that the database format wasn't recognized.

    Can you try to compile the code in the database on the client's PC (Debug | Compile <project> in the Visual Basic Editor)? Does that produce error messages?

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