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    Sub Form Linking (Access 2002)

    I have Form and Sub Form; the Sub form does not display the records if one on the Link Fields have a null value. Even when both Tables have a null value. However; the records are displayed when all Child and Master Fields have values.

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    Re: Sub Form Linking (Access 2002)

    That is the expected behavior. The link field should be the primary key in the record source of the main form; the primary key of a table cannot contain null values.

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    Re: Sub Form Linking (Access 2002)

    As an additional note, it appears you do not fully comprehend what a Null value is and how it is used. Null values can't be compared. That is, 2 fields that are both Null are not considered to be equal. The equation [Field1] = [Field2] does NOT equate to True if both Field1 and Field2 are null; if either or both are Null, the result of the comparison is Null.

    Some people think of Null as meaning "No value" or "I don't know", but I think it is perhaps easier to comprehend if you think of Null as meaning "it could be anything".
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