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    Joining Cells Question (Office 2000)

    The attached sheet contains two names that I attempted to join. The top name worked fine, I typed both names in, but the bottom name has a long space between the first and last name. Also the name on the bottom, the original name I want to join, automatically highlighted when I entered the formula (This name was copied and Paste Special from another workbook). Can you tell me what's wrong? I checked the formatting >General>Bottom??? ---formula from excel help - example =a1&","&a2.
    I need to copy a list of 800 names into a worksheet, so I would like to not have the spaces or the formatting when I use the formula to join the text in the two columns. thanks

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    Re: Joining Cells Question (Office 2000)

    You can use the TRIM function.
    <code>=TRIM(B6) & "," & TRIM(C6)</code>

    As for the highlighting, you can use paste special and select values from the list to avoid copying formatting from the other workbook.

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    Re: Joining Cells Question (Office 2000)

    That's perfect - Thankyou

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