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    Does anyone know how to print the names of documents listed on, e.g., a 3x5 disk so I can have a label on the disk?
    Thanks in advance

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    <P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1>Edited by Phil Rabichow on 14-May-01 20:56.</FONT></P>Hi MissyH:

    There are a couple of ways to print the filenames in a folder. One which I like is a utility called filegrab from PC Magazine. You can list just the filename, full path, & with or without various attributes. You can download it free <A target="_blank" HREF=,,000OEA,.html>here</A>. (URL was edited.)

    As far as making disk labels, after you have your filename list, you can paste it in a Word file. Convert the text to a table & save this file (e.g. name it filenames.doc). Then open another document & do a mail merge (Tools/Mail Merge...). Follow the directions in the wizard for labels, using a size that matches your disk labels. When the "wizard" asks for a database, open the "filenames.doc" that you created & follow the prompts. You can buy pre-cut label stock in any office supply store.

    It's actually easier to do than to explain. Hope this helps.

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