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    Linking to framesets

    I have a frameset containing 3 frames. The top and left frames are header and menus and the largest frame is used for 'content'. The default 'content' page is the home page. A second website now wants to link to one of my web pages. If they link directly to the actual web page they will not see the frameset and therefore cannot access any menus. If they link to the website, they will see the default home page and have to click on the menu to access the web page they require.

    Is there a way for the second website to link to my website so that the page they are seeking appears in the frameset.

    They're only able to do this through a simple link because they do not have the skills to develop anything further.



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    Re: Linking to framesets

    Is a JavaScript solution acceptable? You can rig your frameset with the default starting file, but also add a script that will check for a parameter. Users visiting your site without a special parameters will get the normal display, but a direct link is possible using this syntax:

    If you unpack the attached ZIP file and play with the URL, you'll see what I mean. The only choice I created in this scenario is the default main content page of goodstuff1.html, and the alternate page of goodstuff2.html, but you should be able to throw any page in there, add it to the URL, and have it work exactly the same way. Hope this helps.
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