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    Monica Kelly

    Address Book

    I have Outlook 98 and would like my Contact List to appear Last Name First when I click on the TO button for a new message. How do I do that. My Personal Address Book automatically appears Last Name First, but the Contact List does not. HELP!!!![img]/w3timages/icons/frown.gif[/img]

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    Re: Address Book

    Tools/Services/ and highlight Outlook Address Book
    Properties/Show Names By
    might work but as the only option to First Last is File As, it may depend on whether or not you over-ride the default File As option (Last, First)

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    Re: Address Book

    Don't know if this will work in Outlook 98 but in my Outlook 2000 when the Contact list comes up there is a title box with a triangle that's either pointed up or down over the list of names. Clicking on that title bar will cycle the list of names through 4 arrangements. A-Z by last name, Z-A by last name, A-Z by first name, and Z-A by first name. Try clicking on that title bar to see if that helps.

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