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    Auto email database (2000)

    Hello there,
    We have an Access DB that runs on many standalone PC's and has recently been updated to include an automatic function to extract data and email to a standard address. At present this auto function has been written to only open MS Outlook. A friend of mine suggests that the VBA could be written to be generic and open up whatever email programme the user is running. Is this correct and if so does anyone know the command to use to do this.
    Many thanks

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    Re: Auto email database (2000)

    It depends on the method chosen to implement the emailing process. If it is written using Automation (which gives a great deal of control over the email) then it would be limited to Outlook (Outlook Express doesn't expose it's object model to the outside world). If on the other hand it uses the docmd.SendObject command then it should work with the default email client. Another option would be to use the lower level MAPI functions to send the email directly without using the local email client. So there are lots of choices - the question is which one fits your needs best.

    You might also want to look at some threads which discuss the various options - try <post#=385783>post 385783</post#> and <post#=371788>post 371788</post#> on using SendObject, and look at <post#=375762>post 375762</post#> for some issues related to Automation. This subject has been a frequent one so there are many other posts related to it as well. This article might be a good place to start with digging into MAPI and the basic versus extended side of things.

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