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    Symbols in Access (2000 v9.0.2720)

    How do I insert a special symbol into a field in Access? For example: a name that contains an e with an accent over it. In Word I simply go to the symbols table, find the one I want, highlight it and insert into my Word document. Or, position the cursor in my Word document, and depress Ctrl+',E

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    Re: Symbols in Access (2000 v9.0.2720)

    There are several possibilities:
    - Activate the Character Map accessory, locate the character you want, click Select, then Copy. The character is now on the clipboard, ready to be pasted into Access. There is a fairly recent thread in which <!profile=MarkD>MarkD<!/profile> posted a demo that shows how to pop up the character map from Access, see <post#=400381>post 400381</post#>.
    - Use Alt plus a code on the numeric keypad; for example,

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