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    XP Mailmerge (XP SP3)

    Hi - 2 issues with mailmerge

    1st issue:
    I have an excel data file & word main letter. The data file is a list of contact names & addresses.

    For this particular mailmerge I want to send letters to a particular field. eg signtory = Tom Jones
    The Mailmerge Merge helper dialog box is displayed> i click on button Query Options - the Filter and Sort dialog box is displayed - I select my field = Signotory, the Comparison field is set to 'Equal to', Compare field = Tom Jones.
    When I click the merge button. for the resulting merged document - the 1st mail merge is my 1st record in the datafile. The rest of the mailmerge has the correct records.
    Is this a bug? or am i doing something wrong?

    2nd issue:
    i remember i was shown i could do a merge on certain records eg if record 76 - 118 - then merge.
    i was going to perform this type of merge to get around the 1st issue - but i cant remember how to do this.

    any ideas

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    Re: XP Mailmerge (XP SP3)

    Issue 1 I cannot explain without seeing your data - but you should be able to just uncheck the first record when selecting your fields

    Issue 2
    Choose "Merge to New Document" and you will get a choice of records. (not sure if this works for merge to email or merge to printer - it may, but I wasn't game to try.

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