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    Removing Macros from spreadsheet


    I have a workbook that, when opened, asks whether the macros should be disabled. We have never created a macro on this worksheet but an Inoculate anti virus scan comes out clean. When I open it with macros enabled and go to Tools - Macro -Macros nothing is listed. How can I find the Macro that it is referring to? This workbook needs to be sent to someone else and I would really like to fix this before sending it out.

    I am working in Excel 97 on a NT4 workstation.


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    Re: Removing Macros from spreadsheet

    Just go to the Visual Basic editor (via tools > Macro > Visual Basic Editor) and see if a general module is present in your VBAproject (to see this, select View > Project Explorer). If so, even empty, you will get the macro warning message. Remove the module if empty and you will no longer get the macro warning message. Hope this helps.

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    Re: Removing Macros from spreadsheet

    Thanks for the quick reply.

    I found a little procedure attached to one of the pages that I removed. No more message!!!!! Thanks.

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