I've suddenly started having trouble with my mouse and Wacom Pen. I'll be moving the cursor across the screen and suddenly a right click menu will pop up. It also sometimes pops up when I'm using a program and executing a command. Also when I highlight text the highlight doesn't stick or moves about.. Does anyone know what could be causing this? Could it be a trojan?

The reason I'm asking about a trojan is that yesterday I did a scan with Spybot Search and Destroy and it found backorifice.b in the windows temp directory.

I was really shocked as I've never seen anything like that on my system. Spybot removed it and I did a full system scan. Apparently my system is clean but is it? I don't know how it got onto my computer . I have Sygate Personal Firewall Pro , BO Clean, AVG.7 and run Spybot and Adaware regularly.

Could it be some error I made that allowed the trojan in? I haven't installed any software lately. Are my defences not enough? And how can I fix this annoying right menu problem? At first I the pen that had a problem but I've noticed the same problem with the mouse.

I hope someone can offer some advice and help.


Chris (Hunt)