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    Unshare a workbook (2000)

    Seems to be an age old question here, going by the posts in this forum.
    I'll explain my dilemma. Networked drive with 80 odd users who have access to the majority of the files in that network.
    There is an excel workbook that all the users can access but only a single person is should edit. The ongoing problem is that a user will view that workbook, thus making it uneditable and then leave it open.
    Is there any vb/macro that I can create to remove all users from that workbook? I've looked into sharing, and this seems to be a haphazard approach.

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    Re: Unshare a workbook (2000)

    In these instances in our system I put a file modify password on it (file - save as - options). The when you try to open it, it prompts for a pwd. If none is given it is opened but read-only and another may access it a open it to edit.

    Most of the files I post to the network to share are readonly for the majority of people and I do not give them the pwd to modify it, thus they only can open it read-only (ues I know excel is not "secure", but I am protecting primarily against stupidity, not malice)


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